Sexy Albino Black Girl-albino black people

I think this albino black girl is pretty and sex. Albino black people have a unique and interesting look.

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here is a albino black couple. this looks really cool

skinny girl with a nice body and sexy way of standing

This girl doesn’t look as good as the others, but she’s not bad


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  1. We all have a unique look and images and Albino black people look kind of cool in a special way so no one will dare look at an albino black person and call them ugly, what uglyness do they see? ive seen so many deformed people and ugly animals and those are the ones normal looking people are calling beautiful, İ am a black nigerian but i dont look at all black! i look like a proper mixed race but my parents are both black, but people call me ugly. İ look at myself in the mirror and see a normal black girl and start to think what ugliness do people see in me when they call me that?

    • Beauty comes from with-in. If you wont to feel sexy and look sexy you must eat right and take care of your body. Embrase your uniqueness and encourage your diffence. I don’t care for models myself. I think they are boring and plain. However I do love girls with odd looks that are embraced as beauty marks. My wife’s upper lip curls when she smiles. She has big piercing blue eyes. She has freckles and pail. She is shapely and short. I love it. To me odd looks are very sexy. She is a wonderful person with a big heart. To me, I couldn’t be more lucky. Someone will feel that way about you. They will love and crave every curve, rinckle, and uniqueness that separates you from anyone else. Your so called flaws will be their favorite parts that drive them crazy with desire. You have a gift, use it.

    • I suspect that you are probably very attractive & not at all ‘ugly’ but many people are not comfortable around people who are different than they are so they call them ‘ugly’ when they are in fact quite beautiful. We are all ‘unique’ in our own way and I remember saying to a friend as I was watching a Sci Fi movie & saw some unusual green women… tall,very thin, shapely, gracefully long necks and faces which were shaped as teardrops which I thought were adorable. He was surprised that I found these creatures beautiful, but my other friend agreed with me that they were ‘different’ yet most attractive.. I said if we had creatures like that on earth, I would be the first one to take one to supper & my friend that he would be the second! I remember the title of an excellent Twightlight Zone episode called “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ We are all attractive to some & unattractive to others.It is the way of the world.

    • Do not worrie about what people say about you .beauty comes frome within .not the color of your skin or appearance or where you come from

  2. Just wondering…met a beautiful very white lady (possibly albino) who was tall, very skinny, & had dark color squares on her arms on one of the elevators at St Marys Hospital, Passaic NJ about a month ago. I mentioned that she looked as beautiful as my college girlfriend of years ago altho I was considerably older than she was but she seemed interested in me,however I was tired & when she left with two afro ladies (one about 35, the other about 12 – possibly her family) I never saw he again. Wondering if someone from Passaic knows her or might mention her around Passaic to contact me at God bless.

  3. I made 2 comments yesterday,today they are gone. I have no idea where they went. Both had excellent grammar & spelling (unlike the ones above) and were most complimentary since I find albino gals very attractive .As a high honors grad from a local college, I have no idea why both disappeared but it doesn’t make much sense to compose anything if it’s going to be removed the following day. What is the problem?. .

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