Sexy Blasian Girls-Mixed Black and Asian


Blasian means mixed black and asian. These are some cute girls with this particular rare mix.

This girl is really adorable. the best blasian ever.

These are some other pretty asian/black girls. Some are celebrities I think but I’m not sure.

a pretty blasian named Denyce Lawton

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  1. Ok?… some of these thinqs are weird af but anyway nice pictures of Blasians ! I’m also mixed race I have a little Asian in me to my eyes are more of an almond shape. I also have cousins who are Japanese and Black.

  2. kimora lee simmons is also black/ asian. tera patrick is white/ asian. honestly, just about any mix is gorgeous. mariah carey, halle berry, alicia keys and leona lewis are all mulatto (black and white) and some of the most iconic sex symbols EVER have been mixed, like rita hayworth (real name : margarita carmen cansino) raquel welch (real name: jo raquel tejada) lynda carter aka wonder woman and catherine bach aka daisy duke, who are all hispanic and white.

  3. I think race-mixing as a whole is a sign of societal degeneracy and not at all what one might call “progressive”.In fact,historically such societies have eventually crumbled.I will admit some mongrels are cute,but i would never give the green light to race mixing.Imagine a nightmare society where no one can be identified by race because of extensive mongrelization.Sounds like progress,does it? Well,it isnt.It is racial suicide.

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