Sexy Asian Albino girl and other albino asians

A lot of people are curious to see what Asian albino people look like, so here are some pictures of both men and women. Asian people normally all have the same features, black hair and dark eyes. Its interesting to see them from a different perspective, with blue eyes and blonde hair. They don’t look quite as striking as people from African decent, but still quite strange.

This is a pretty white haired Chinese model Connie Chiu

another cute girl

Other albino women

albino asian men

chinese singer

albino asian

chinese actor

albino asian man

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  1. The albino gene, is a recessive gene your research people, we all have that gene Trait.. by we I’m talking about us the white people of this world. We are genetically inferior to the darker skin people. That maybe hard to swallow for us white people, because we have been deceived for hundreds and hundreds of yrs.. so that now we think that the lie that has been told for so long is the’s not the Truth folks.. do your research people..

  2. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had written two blogs, both complimentary as I find Albino ladies most attractive both had correct grammar & spelling (Unlike a number of other blogs above) and as a high honors graduate from a local college, I have no idea why or where they have disappeared or why & it doesn’t make much sense to waste our time composing if they are removed the following day .I’ve never done this in my life, but my beloved girlfriend (who appeared as albino altho she was a caucasion)passed away several weeks ago, and I’ve been desperately looking for some way to handle the loss & possibly find someone else to fill the void. At age 75, this is not an easy task.

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