Kowloon Walled City Pictures-Best Photos and info

These are some of the best pictures I have found of kowloon walled city. Kowloon walled city was an area inside the borders of Hong Kong, whose ownership was disputed with mainland china. As a result of the dispute, this small piece of land had no government and no zoning laws. The hong kong police were not allowed to enter the area, so it was a haven for criminals.  it was demolished in 1993. now there is a park, called kowloon walled city park, at the site where it was demolished. This was a really cool place while it existed. kowloon walled city park looks pretty boring. it looks just like any other park in asia. there is a place in hong kong called the chunking mansions and mirador mansions which are kind of like a smaller version of kowloon walled city/

The area with hong kong apartments and mountians in the background

Side view of the buildings

kowloon walled city from above


the strange walled city of kowloon.

These pictures show what it was like on the inside. It had narrow corridors and no public services to take away the trash

a picture that looks like the 70s with an airplane flying overhead


this structure was at the center of the kowloon walled city. I’m not sure what it was.


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