General Butt Naked-Liberian Soldiers Wearing Fright Wigs-Liberian Civil War

General Butt Naked was involved in the civil war in West African nation of Liberia. He went into battle naked, because he believed that it gave him magical powers which caused bullets to bounce off of him. He led a group of fighters called the “butt naked brigades”

during the Liberian civil war, soldiers often wore wigs and womens clothing into battle as well as going naked, because they believed it gave them magical powers and frightened their enemies.

A group of liberian soldiers ready for battle, one of them is even wearing a wedding dress

During the Liberian Civil War, forces also used very young child soldiers like this one.

General butt Naked today:

After the war, General Butt Naked decided to reform himself and become a preacher. He says that god came down from heaven and spoke to him while he was standing naked on a bridge one day. He is accused of mass murder and war crimes, but he has asked the people for forgiveness.

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