Chupacabra Found – Amazing photos of this strange animal

Live chupacabra caught in texas


Amazing pictures of the legendary animal the chupacabra.  This strange and unusual animal was recently sighted but its exact identity has not been confirmed. It is rumored to drink the blood of farm animals.

The chupacabra:


This chupacabra was found dead recently in minnesota

a live chupacabra

another dead one

This chupacabra was killed in Brooklyn New York

Very ugly chupacabra head found in mexico

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  1. andré says:

    Hi, I live in Brazil, the first two photos are from an animal called the Capivara, it only exists in Brazil, is not a chupacabra.

  2. ed says:

    jaja, the first one is an”carpincho”. an animal comun in latin america. search it and look

  3. wen you says:

    i am with ed and andre.i am from surinam.the animal is very often hunted for the meat. locals call it ‘capoowa’,the dutch name is is from the rodent family.the biggest one.

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